The Customs Union Technical Regulation Conformity Certificate | центр сертификации продукции

The Customs Union Technical Regulation Conformity Certificate

The technical regulations (the TR) are normative legal acts that fix the mandatory requirements to the objects of the regulation. The new standards of the different products quality are set in these documents.

More than 20 technical regulations are acting currently. They contain the safety requirements for the following categories of goods:

  • low-voltage equipment and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC);
  • machinery and equipment;
  • food products (and individual regulations for food additives, special-purpose food, cereals, juices);
  • fat-and-oil products, goods for children (0-14 years)and teenagers (up to 18 years), and a separate document for toys;
  • clothes, shoes, bags and all products of light industry;
  • and some others.

In 2014 next Customs Union (CU) technical regulations will take the effect: on safety of milk and milk products, meat and meat products, overpressure equipment, explosives and explosive-base objects, about lubricant materials and 3 regulations concerning railway transport.

CU Conformity Certificates are mandatory certification documents. These certificates can be issued only by accredited certification bodies included into the Unified Register of the certification centers of the Customs Union. There is a specification of standards and requirements almost in all of the technical regulations. Their observance is enough for product compliance to the technical regulation. But an applicant has to confirm the sufficient quality of his products; for this he should provide protocols of the laboratory tests.

The laboratory conducting the tests should also be included in the Unified Register.

The CU TR Conformity Certificate may be used on the territory of all country-members of the CU and may have the validity period up to 5 years. Coming into force practically each of the technical regulations provides a transition period. During this time the production and the sale of goods is possible on the base of previously issued allowing documentation.