NAKS or Welding Certification | центр сертификации продукции

NAKS or Welding Certification

NAKS (in Russian) or NAWC (in English) is National Agency of Welding Control.

NAWC certification is a complex of checks aimed at assessing the employee qualification, materials quality and technical capacities to carry out welding work on the hazardous production facilities.

NAWC certification

NAWC welding certification is mandatory to next objects:

  • gas equipment;
  • boiler equipment;
  • equipment for oil refining, petrochemical and chemical fire- and explosive- hazardous industries;
  • oil, gas production equipment;
  • lifting transport equipment;
  • building construction.

During certification the experts check compliance of equipment features and indicators to GOSTs and technical documentations. The official of RosThechNadzor and the specialists in welding works (with sufficient qualification and working category) must mandatory be in certification commission.

Welder won’t get the permit to work on hazardous production objects without obtaining an NAWC certificate. NAWC certification assumes compliance to several levels of qualification:

  • Class 1 – welders;
  • Class 2– master welders;
  • Class 3 – welders technologist;
  • Class 4 – welding engineers.

Documents Required for NAWC Certification

To obtain NAKS certificate you should apply to relevant certification body or company accredited on this type of certification. You should provide next documents:

  • founding documents of your company;
  • regulatory and technical documentation for production;
  • a list of welding equipment;
  • certificates and declarations for materials, equipment.

You might meet different troubles concerning documents preparation and follow-up certification activities. That’s why it would be wise choose expert company with sufficient qualification that will help you to get certificate without excess questions and in time. We guarantee conducting of NAKS certification with all the Russian legislation requirements and timely issuing of certificate.