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Fire Safety Certificate

The features of certain products can be the cause of the fire in some circumstances. An entrepreneur has to obtain an official document for legal production and sale of his products – the fire safety certificate.

The fire safety certificate

Fire certificate on products is allowing document and it certifies that these products correspond to the regulations established by EMERCOM of Russia. This certification is aimed to provide a necessary level of fire safety of the products bearing potential hazard for consumer health.

It should be noted that the fire safety certificate issues in full accordance with requirements and rules of the existing Technical regulation “On requirements of fire safety”. To study the complete list of products which is subject to obligatory fire certification in the Russian Federation, it is possible, having addressed to the Order of the Government No. 241 of March 17, 2009.

In cases where the manufacturer (supplier) should not receive this type of certificate in mandatory order, employer may voluntary obtain a document confirming the fire safety of a product. Voluntary fire safety certificate will not only improve the company’s image in the market, but also increase consumer activity and competitiveness of these products.

The specialized centers getting official accreditation in RosAccreditation are only engaged in issue of fire safety certificates. To obtain the certificate, the applicant should timely ask the staff of the certification center and provides all the necessary information together with relevant statement. After that a number of laboratory studies will be carried out that will help determine the potential danger degree of products and its compliance with the Technical Regulations.

Also compliance to the fire safety requirements can be confirmed by obtaining the declaration. However, the list of goods mandatory fire declaration differs from the list of goods mandatory fire certification.

Should bear in mind that without a fire safety certificate the official issuance of a certificate of compliance in some cases is impossible.

Request a Fire Safety Certificate you can at the nearest office of “Uralgost.”