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Expertise of industrial safety

Expertise of industrial safety (abbreviated – I.S.) is a conformity assessment of the object to the industrial safety requirements corresponding to him.

Expertise of industrial safety 

Examining objects can be as technical equipment and buildings, and various types of project documentation, I.S. declarations and other documents relating to the working of hazardous production facilities.

System of I.S. expertise is the set of participants of the Expertise, also includes rules, regulations, techniques, conditions, criteria, procedures under which carried out expert activities.

The order of carrying out the Expertise as well as the requirements for the registration of conclusion of the I.S. expertise are established exclusively by the federal executive authority responsible for the industrial safety.

How the expertise of industrial safety is carried out? 

The process of industrial safety expertise consists of several stages:

  •  A preliminary stage;
  • Complete the application, making of the schedule, the contract signature, as well as preparation of other documents laying down the conditions of the Expertise;
  • Industrial safety expertise process;
  • Issuing the Conclusion of the industrial safety expertise.

For industrial safety examination the applicant have to submit the following documents and information:

  • Data on the applicant and expertise subject;
  • Documentation about design, construction, repair and maintenance, as well as the industrial safety declaration on the claimed subject;
  • passports of the technical devices and instructions;
  • technical regulations and other documentation necessary to identify (based on object type of the examination);
  • Samples of the equipment (if required);
  • Test reports and certificates, strength calculations and so forth.


Conclusion of industrial safety examination

What is this document?

After the industrial safety examination the applicant gets an examination conclusion, i.e. a document which contains the findings of compliance or non-compliance of the claimed subject to I.S. requirements.

Only those organizations have the right to issue the industrial safety conclusion who was licensed by RosTechNadzor Russia to conduct this expertise in accordance with applicable law.

The decision on issuing the examination conclusion is taken after a thorough review of the documents received in the examination, as well as checking the state of the object and carrying out the necessary tests.

Conclusion of the industrial safety expertise is signed by the head of expert organization, is assured by seal of the organization, is finally stitched with indication of the exact number of stapled pages and after is given to the applicant.

Positive or negative expert opinion

With the positive examination conclusion it lists all the objects, which are the subject of this conclusion. In case of negative expert opinion following materials must be given to the applicant: a well-grounded conclusion about the need to revision the claimed materials, based on the comments and proposals contained in the final report, and the inadmissibility of the claimed subject use in view of non-compliance to the I.S. requirements.

With a negative examination conclusion, the applicant may submit materials for re-examination after their rework.