Certification of products | центр сертификации продукции

Certification of products

If you are intending to sell your products in Russia, it has to pass the quality confirmation process called Certification.

Product certification conducts in several major systems.

Product certification systems

The GOST R system

The certification proves the conformity of products quality to standards requirements (to GOCTs).

The certification result is the issue of conformity documents – Conformity Declaration or Conformity Certificate. Both of these documents have the same legal validity and differ just by names and blanks.

The certification could be mandatory or voluntary.

The list of goods being subject of mandatory certification is defined by the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation № 982 dated 01.12.2009. The last version of the document was adopted 11.11.2013. Also this Decree defines which type of conformity documents – Declaration or Certificate – you will get.

The goods not mentioned in the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation № 982 either may fall within the scope of the Technical Regulations either be subject of the voluntary certification. The experts of the certification centers can consult you in this question.

If your goods aren’t the object of the mandatory certification, you may issue voluntary Conformity Certificate. The difference between mandatory and voluntary certificates is just in the color of the paper. The first of them is printed on the yellow sheets, the second – on the blue ones.

The period of validity of the certificate / declaration varies from 1 to 3 years and depends on choosing scheme of product testing.

It is important to remember that the laboratory conducting the tests has to be accredited not only in one of the registered in Russian systems of the mandatory certification, but also in the Russian Federal Agency of the Technical Regulation and the Metrology.

The System of the Technical Regulations in Russia and Customs Union

The certification of goods may also prove the conformity to the technical regulation.

It is the official documents containing the list of goods being subject of its regulation, requirements of products quality and the procedures of its confirmation.

Both Technical Regulation – National and of the Customs Union (CU) – acts in Russia.

The obtaining the conformity certificate / declaration by the technical regulation of the Russian Federation enables to sell the produce in Russia, by the technical regulation of the CU – in the territory of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan. The certificate / declaration by the technical regulation are valid up to 5 years.

The Customs Union Conformity Certificate

Your produce may also be subject of mandatory certification with issue of the CU conformity certificate named “certificate by single form”.

The list of these produce adopted by the Decision of the Commission of the Customs Union № 620 dated 07.04.2011 (with last changes dated 25.06.13).

The System of State Registration of the Customs Union

Furthermore, there are the products, materials, goods, the safety of which for consumer’s health must be confirmed by the state registration. The result of the quality and safety control is a State Registration Certificate (SGR) or an Expert Conclusion. The check list of these products is approved by the Decision of the Commission of the Customs Union № 299 dated 28.05.2010 (last changes were adopted 25.06.13). The check list consists two parts. The expert conclusion is issued on the products from first part of list, and the state registration certificate must be issued on the products from second part.