Certificate on State Registration (former Sanitary and Epidemiological Conclusion) | центр сертификации продукции

Certificate on State Registration (former Sanitary and Epidemiological Conclusion)

Certificate on state registration

Certificate on state registration is a document needed for product compliance to requirements of sanitary and hygienic control. The list of goods and products for which the State Registration is mandatory was adopted by Customs Union Commission.

The CU Commission Decision №299 by May 28, 2010 contains the two lists:

  • The groups of products on which it may be issued an expert conclusion (in a voluntary order);
  • The specific trade articles with HS (customs) codes on which it is obligatory to issue the ‘SGR’ – Certificate on state registration.

This mandatory list includes follows items:

  • Meals for sportsmen, children, pregnant women,
  • GMF,
  • Child care items (up to 3 years old) , including dishware,
  • Mineral water,
  • Biologically active additives,
  • Household chemical goods,
  • Desinfecting materials,
  • Some cosmetics,
  • And many others.

Previously acted document 

It is necessary to understand that before 2010 similar document had acted in Russia. It was called Sanitary-Epidemiological Conclusion. However, its issue was stopped since the accession of Russia to the Customs Union. Instead of it the legislative bodies entered a Certificate on state registration (in Russian – ‘SGR’) and an Expert Conclusion.

Who issues and documents needed to provide 

The ‘SGR’ may be issued by authorized employees of Federal Service on Surveillance for Consumer rights protection and human well-being (RosPotrebNadzor) or by specialists of accredited certification agencies (centers). For obtaining the Certificate on state registration a producer (supplier) should to submit an application, packet of documents and the samples of products. The researches of products are conducted in special laboratories. The tests results are fixed in official protocol that in further will be the base of Certificate on state registration.

You can order the Certificate on state registration by calling to the nearest office of ‘UralGost’ certificate center.